My Story

Hi, I’m Jon Wine– your cool and approachable Sommelier (Wine Superhero at night). But that’s me only trying to describe myself briefly.

Now, beyond being a wine professional, I’m also the founder of "The Wine Lifestyle" movement –  You can usually find me tasting wines, roaming vineyards, and teaching - That is, obviously when I’m not serving great wines to awesome people in this world, or answering all kinds of wine questions, like “Hey Jon, why is Chianti different than Brunello?”; “Do I have to drink red with steak, and white with fish?”; “What should I drink with fried chicken?” – Champagne! By the way

It's a FACT that for people like you and me, our delightful grape juice, tops the source of our happiness - It is a Lifestyle!

Right? ……Right.

Great! You're not bored yet. Give me ten more seconds, and keep reading so I can actually tell you how all this started!   

(I promise to keep it right to the point)


 The Genesis – How It All Started

One day, before going to a local wine festival with a friend, he asked if I had any wine-related apparel that he could borrow. I scratched my head for a second and went looking through my closet, but to my surprise, I had nothing fun and stylish that we could wear.

I said to myself, "HOW CAN THIS BE?"

When we came back from the event, I started searching online, but all I found was "CHEESY" message type of apparel... stuff that real wine people don't wear!

Then it hit me!...What if I created a brand of quality apparel that really expressed our passion for wine in a modern, and minimalist way?

Fully inspired, I went to work immediately with a goal: Creating a product that WINE LOVERS would be happy wearing (Not Snobs!)

You see, this is not “just another clothing line,” this is what I call “keeping up with your wine.” My apparel is designed, and made with love, and passion but most importantly: Always thinking about you. From the bottom of my heart, I truly hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoy designing it for you!

Raise your glasses! "To living the wine lifestyle"